Russian crimes against media

In the year that has passed since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Russia committed 497 crimes against journalists and media in Ukraine. The Russian crimes committed on Ukrainian territory include murder, kidnapping, firing at and wounding journalists, attacks on TV towers, threats, attacks on media offices, cybercrimes, shutting down Ukrainian broadcasting, as well as brand theft and creating fake clones of local publications and channels to spread Russian aggressive propaganda. Furthermore, due to the full-scale war, at least 216 media outlets have had to cease their work. This happened not only in the areas affected by the hostilities or occupation, but also in the relatively quieter parts of the country, due to the financial crisis caused by the war.

Since February 24, 2022, Russians killed 49 media members on Ukrainian territory. Eight of them were killed in the line of duty, and 41 died as combatants or fell victim to Russian shelling, not in the course of their journalistic work.

In this report PEN Ukraine conducting a weekly monitoring of crimes the invader perpetrates against representatives of independent Ukrainian and international media.

Journalists killed while carrying out their duties since the beginning of full-scale Russia's war against Ukraine:

Frédéric Leclerc-Imhoff

On 30 May, French journalist Frédéric Leclerc-Imhoff was killed by Russian shell shrapnel. Journalist was covering the evacuation of civilians from Severodonetsk (Luhansk region), when the vehicle he was in came under Russian shelling.

Ihor Hudenko

On 20 May, journalist Ihor Hudenko, who had gone missing on February 26, was found dead in Kharkiv. Hudenko was covering fights with the Russian occupiers on the ring road in Kharkiv.

Mantas Kvedaravicius

On 2 April, Lithuanian documentary maker Mantas Kvedaravicius was killed in Mariupol.

Maks Levin

On 1 April, missing Ukrainian photojournalist Maks Levin was found dead near Kyiv after being shot dead by Russian soldiers.

Oksana Baulina

On 23 March, Russian journalist Oksana Baulina was killed amid Russian attack on Kyiv.

Oleksandra Kuvshynova

On 15 March, Ukrainian journalist and Fox News producer Oleksandra Kuvshynova was killed in Gorenka near Kyiv.

Pierre Zakrzewski

On 15 March, Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski was killed in Gorenka near Kyiv.

Brent Renaud

On 13 March, Russian occupants killed American journalist and film-maker Brent Renaud. Together with his colleague, he was filming the evacuation of Irpin residents.

Yevhenii Sakun

On 1 March, Ukrainian camera operator Yevhenii Sakun was killed in Russian shelling of Kyiv TV tower.