What's going on?

What's going on?
  • Russia attacked Ukraine on the morning of February 24.
    A rocket fire began on several military facilities and airfields. Dozens of civilians were also killed in residential and civilian buildings. At the same time, military equipment entered Ukrainian territory from Russia, Belarus and the previously occupied territories of Ukraine - Crimea, parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

  • Dozens of cultural sites have been destroyed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Among them is a museum of a Ukrainian naive artist, a plane listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, cathedrals, theaters, schools, and many other architectural monuments. UNESCO calls Russia to immediately end aggression against Ukraine.

  • Thousands of people in Ukraine, including children, pregnant women and the elderly, are currently on the brink of extinction without access to medicine, food, or drinking water. In occupied cities Russian invading forces broadcasting Russian propaganda.

  • In occupied regions Russians withdraw Ukrainian historical and fiction books from libraries. As a result of Russian shellings at least 120 Ukrainian libraries have lost books, 21 of them have lost every single document in their collection. The Russians have also burnt a large library of Mariupol’s Petro Mohyla Church with several unique Ukrainian books which are now lost forever.

  • Russia's war criminals use the same methods as did Nazi Germany. In temporary occupied areas Russians forcefully deported several thousand residents to Russian filtration camps. Russian occupants force people to undress, looking for any tattoos.

  • The Russian army fire on the civilian population using prohibited cluster and phosphorous bombs. Since the beginning of war Russia has launched more than 3000 missiles. The number of victims is so great that citizens bury civilian victims in mass graves. People have been living without food, water, light, and heat for several days now, while Russia violates all kinds of world conventions and drops bombs and missiles on people's heads.

  • After an unsuccessful attack on Ukraine, the Russian army started brutally shelling civil infrastructure: residential areas, schools, hospitals. Among the facilities shelled by the Russian army are the infamous Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant and Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.

  • Russian propaganda openly declares its desire to exterminate Ukrainians as a nation. 83% of the Russian population supports its desire. Putin's popularity has skyrocketed after the invasion of Ukraine.

  • Over the past nine months, Russia has launched more than 16,000 missile attacks on Ukraine. 97% of Russian targets are civilian. Russian shelling of civil infrastructure result in lasting blackouts. Sometimes it takes several days to restore electricity to Ukrainian cities, many of which stay without electricity, water, heating, and telecommunications for many hours.